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wedding niche

The wedding niche is seeking couples who want a fresh, modern approach to their wedding without the huge financial commitment. Our weddings inspire intimate moments, epic photos, adventure and most of all, the perfect beginning.

Lisa is the creator…..

Lisa Hall is the creator of The Wedding Niche. Her love for nature, unquenchable thirst for adventures and innovation in business, started when she was a young girl growing up in Alaska.

Beauty, art and individuality are always at the core of everything in her life.

Lisa owned salons and spas for 25 years. During Lisa’s days at spa ownership, she designed her own spaces, labels, retail merchandising, put on huge events and did hundreds of weddings. Her eye for beauty and elegance made all her businesses a sensory treat for all who entered.

Lisa has a passion for small intimate weddings . Over the past decade Lisa has been working as an event director, wedding planner, coordinator and designer.

Lisa is a licensed officiant and provides many different type of ceremonies.

Whether your ceremony is an elopement, small intimate gathering, pop up wedding or adventure elopement she will make it special and unique.

Connection, relationship, intimacy, and beauty are all words that should represent a wedding ceremony. We feel that your wedding should reflect your personalities and you as a couple.

To have guests or not is up to you.

The Wedding Niche is seeking couples who are adventurers, think outside the box and want a wedding that is personalized just for them. All couples should have the option to have a wedding with epic photos, intimate moments, and beautiful vows without going into debt to do it. 

Marriage is the adventure of a lifetime, your ceremony is the first step. Make it memorable!

Our process is straightforward and painless.

First you schedule a consultation by phone to talk through your wedding vision and see if we are a good fit. Next you schedule a tour. Once you tour our property and you want to book with us, I send you the contract and you pay the first payment. Then comes the fun part, planning your dream wedding!

Contact us today for questions, a tour or to start planning your wedding.

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