Destination Weddings Facts and Fiction

When many of you think of a destination wedding, you think about an island, a beach, another country/ state or an all inclusive resort. The truth is, a destination wedding can happen in your own state and it can be within hours of where you live.

What makes it a destination wedding? The wedding takes place outside the city you live in and everyone travels to that location.

If you are engaged and seeking a unique wedding venue that you cannot find in your area and you don’t want to get on a plane; start your search by defining what you want for your venue and atmosphere. 

Do you want; mountains, water, a beach, water falls, a river, a city or a farm?  Once you decide the type of area you want, start searching 100-200 miles from where you live. 

Wedding venues are always very helpful  with destination wedding parties and will help you find accommodations, vendors, and everything you will need for your wedding. Planning your destination wedding can be stressful since you don’t know the area. If you want to alleviate that stress, look for venues that have all inclusive packages. 

I love destination weddings because it gives the couple and the guests a brand new experience in a new area. I always suggest that the couple set up some activities for the guests the day before and the day after the wedding so everyone can get a glimpse of the local area.

Best of luck with your destination wedding and please contact me if you have questions.


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