What is a Hybrid Wedding?

A hybrid wedding is an elopement or an adventure elopement followed by a reception with family and friends. 

Do you want family and friends at your wedding to celebrate but you also want your wedding ceremony to be just the two of you? You can now have both!

Our adventure elopements consist of activities out in nature that some guests might find challenging. However, they can show up for the reception and celebrate with you.

The timeline for a hybrid wedding would be the elopement, arrive back at the venue, freshen up and start greeting your guests at cocktail hour. 

Here are some reasons to consider a hybrid wedding;

  • You do not want to say your vows in front of a group.
  • You want a wedding that is non- traditional.
  • You want to hike to a vista or do an activity that not all the group can physically do.
  • You want epic photos.
  • You are an introvert and hate speaking in front of people.
  • Your wedding vows are the most important piece of your wedding.
  • You both are nature lovers and want to be in a place that has meaning and beauty.
  • You want your reception to be beautiful and with fantastic food but keep the time with family and friends short.
  • You have drama in your family surrounding the ceremony and who should be in it.
  • You both love adventures and this is the perfect way to start your marriage.

Weddings are continually changing and for 2023 I am seeing couples more focused on each other and their vows to each other. I personally feel this is beautiful!

Cheers, Lisa

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