Mobile Bars and Food Trucks, the New Craze

Stylish, tricked out Airstreams, farm trailers, vintage pickup trucks and Volkswagon buses are now being turned into mobile bars and food trucks.

These trucks and bars are designed to be part of the staging for the wedding or event and add photo opportunities. Not only are they cool on the outside, but they are equipped with full kitchens, bars that fold out and taps on the outside for guests.

The mobile food and bar craze adds another dimension to your wedding and allows for interaction and connection with your guests.

If global food is your thing, you can have a food truck that represents each country. Where was your first date, what kind of food do you and your sweetie eat? Are you a beer or wine connoisseur? Do you eat organic farm to table food? There are so many choices, get creative!

Food has always been a theme that brings people together. We eat together, we gather together and eat for celebrations. In the past, there were limitations on what could be served at certain destinations, due to cooking restrictions. Now with the mobile food options you can serve whatever you desire.

Weddings are about everyone coming together to celebrate, laugh and have fun.

Mobile food trucks and bars provide an element of fun, creativity and interaction.

Give your guests an experience, the options are endless!

 Cheers, Lisa Hall


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