Weddings, Coronavirus, Cancellations, What Should You do?

Photo Credit: Salt and Sonder Studio

I am an Event Director/Wedding Planner and as I watch the Coronavirus continue to spread, the world-wide panic, business, schools and events being canceled, I want to address some wedding options for bride and grooms.

The unknowns;

  • How long will this go on?
  • How do you stay safe AND ensure that your guests are safe?
  •  Will all events be eventually canceled?
  • How do you know if the venue is doing its due diligence for screening its workers?
  • How do you be proactive?

The Whole Truth

First and foremost, the health and wellness of everyone involved in the wedding is of upmost importance. You don’t want to make your guests and family feel obligated to attend. And, you don’t want everyone to end up in quarantine!

Let’s get creative

Here are some options;

  • An Adventure Elopement that is live streamed. You can still have the wedding on your original day, but it will be scaled down to the two of you and a few people that have been screened. You can have an amazing adventure, epic photos, a small intimate celebration and when all this clears up, you can have a reception to celebrate!
  • Have an elopement ceremony at the venue site you have chosen, have your photographer do film as well as photos and send a link to all your family and guests. Have a reception celebration later in the year.
  • Scale the wedding down to a very small intimate ceremony with friends and family that are in the area and don’t have to travel.
  • Ask the venue to move your date to later in the year or next year.
  • Cancel the wedding and do a destination wedding once it’s safe to travel.

Whatever you decide to do, be proactive.

  • Work with your wedding planner to decide what are your best options.
  • Stay in communication with your guests and make sure they are not sick or elderly,
  • Make sure your venue is doing its part.
  • Base your decisions on sensibility not on fear or panic.
  • Keep your guests in mind.

I hope this helps and I wish all of you, health, love and safety!


Lisa Hall

The Wedding Niche

Photo Credit: Salt and Sonder Studio


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