What kind of Bride are you?

Working in the wedding industry, I see many different bridal personalities. Many times, I see brides choose a venue based on its beauty, while not taking into consideration whether this is a good fit for them personally.

Identifying your personality type really helps with choosing the right venue and vendors for your wedding.

Here are some things to consider, while you are searching for your perfect venue.

Type A

  • You need to know every detail, you want to make all the decisions and you do not want to delegate any responsibilities. 
  • You love the idea of DIY because you can control and oversee the wedding. 
  • You are hyper organized, OCD about time management and you do not trust anyone to complete a task without micro-managing them.
  • You feel no one has the attention to detail that you do therefore, you would rather do it yourself.
  •  You like to be in charge.

Type B

  • Details are not your thing, decisions can be made tomorrow and if your Mother or best friend wanted to plan your wedding, you would let them.
  • The idea of a venue that is all inclusive elates you, you would love to work with a team of people who could help you with all your wedding details.
  • Organization and making decisions are not only hard for you but cause anxiety.
  • You want a beautiful wedding and you can picture it, but you do not want it to consume your life for a year to plan it.
  • You have no issue with someone else being in charge.

If you can identify with Type A character traits, you should probably consider a venue where you can bring in your own vendors and make all your own decisions. These venues will rent you the venue and all the other decisions are up to you. They might require you use their preferred vendor list but you can choose who you want to work with. This type of wedding is a lot of work and lots of decision making but you are organized and you are the person to take on this task!

If you identify with Type B character traits, a DIY wedding will keep you up at night. The best choice for you is a venue that has an in-house staff. They guide you through the process, manage the different aspects of the planning and they take care of all the details. You basically point, click and it’s taken care of. Your wedding will be relaxed, dreamy and you will not have to spend endless hours and months making decisions. 

Finding the right venue and vendors can be daunting but understanding how your personality fits into this, can change your experience.


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