Create A New Wedding Plan

Covid has crushed many wedding dreams over the past year. I continue to hear the terrible stories from brides of their dream wedding being either canceled or postponed. 

Brides and grooms have spent endless hours, money and so much emotion on creating their ultimate wedding plan and to have it canceled is devastating.

But here’s the silver lining….

Once the shock, depression and devastation has started to dissipate the reality is that you still want to marry the person you love. You still want a beautiful wedding, amazing memories and epic photos! 

Here is some advice; create a new wedding plan. Don’t try and recreate a smaller version of your original plan. It will feel like competition, you might feel like you missed out and it will never live up to your original expectations.

If you feel like you cannot wrap your head around planning another wedding find an all-inclusive venue or a planner that will handle all the details for you. Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm yourself. Find something you like and run with it! Small weddings and elopements are very creative and fun. Be adventurous, have fun and remember, this is about the two of you starting your life together. 

Over this past year, the micro weddings and elopements I have done, the couples were thrilled. They felt it was the best day of their lives and all of them had their wedding canceled due to Covid.

Weddings and events continue to be challenging but by shifting your mindset you can still have the wedding of your dreams!!

Photo by Salt and Sonder Studio

Cheers, Lisa

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