Fall/Winter Weddings 20/21

When it comes to Covid, we are getting mixed messages, misinformation, opinions and it’s become very political. 

How do we know the truth or how to proceed as a wedding business or a bride? 

I am an event planner/designer and a venue owner. The most difficult piece of this pandemic is that as businesses we are very divided on how to proceed with events and there is no country mandate for gatherings.  State to state, county to county, it’s all different. There are businesses that do not believe this is a threat and therefore they do not require mask wearing or social distancing at their functions. And, there are businesses that will only do small gatherings and follow the guideline recommendations to the letter. What will weddings for the fall and winter 20/21 look like? 

Since this began last winter, I have been working with brides and grooms to try and help them maneuver through this mess and help them decide what is best for their wedding. Over the months, I have had many tearful conversations with brides that have had their weddings postponed and canceled. They are very conflicted; some of them decide to move forward with small weddings, while others decide to elope and be done. This should not be so hard for them to decide. We make it harder for the brides and grooms by not giving them straight answers and showing them what our businesses are doing to keep them safe.

Allowing the wedding party to do whatever they want puts undo stress on them. They want to have a beautiful wedding, but they want people to be safe. By taking this decision out of their hands and mandating your business practices to be in alignment with the Covid guidelines gives the brides and grooms permission and security to move forward.

I believe, for all involved always err on the side of caution.  For venues, vendors, brides, grooms, guests and staff it should always be safety first. 

We have Covid weddings for fall and winter happening now. We have no idea when this will come to an end, but until then we need to find common ground in the wedding/event business so we can continue to be in business and help our brides feel confident they made the right decision by choosing us.

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather!

Cheers, Lisa

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