Reasons To Do An All-Inclusive Wedding


                    Reasons To Do An All-Inclusive Wedding

Small weddings are still trending, and they just might be here to stay. But there is another trend that is also getting attention, all-inclusive weddings. 

We have added 2 all-inclusive wedding packages to our menu this season and they are selling like crazy. 

What I am hearing from bride and grooms;

  • We have been to so many of our friends’ weddings and they are all the same, we want something intimate and unique.
  • We do not want the stress of planning and making all the decisions for our wedding.
  • We want to just show up and be fully engaged with each other.
  • We want to enjoy the entire day and not be stressed by what’s going on.
  • We don’t want our families planning our wedding.
  • We are busy professionals that do not have time to plan a wedding.
  • We want something affordable so we can spend money on other things.
  • Weddings are overwhelming with choices, it’s just too much.
  • Paying someone else to handle everything is totally the way to go!

There are different levels and packages for the all-inclusive weddings so when you are looking at venues make sure you read everything. Most venues will work with you to create your wedding exactly as you want it.

If you have not thought about doing an all-inclusive wedding, do some research, it might be just what you have been looking for!

Cheers, Lisa

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