Brides on Small Budgets

Brides on small budgets are not new. Weddings like everything else, ebb and flow with the trends.

What is new, is the fact that only a small percent of parents now pay for their daughter’s wedding. This changes the game completely and I don’t see it reverting back.

For all of us in the wedding business, this means we need to be more mindful of the smaller bridal budget. It could mean that your venue or service is completely out of their price range because that is not the bride you seek. But, you could also think out of the box and offer pricing for; off season, week days, small ceremonies and elopement packages.

I am finding nationwide, that brides are scaling back financially. They also want a unique experience, great photos to repost, intimate settings and much less time spent planning their wedding.

I feel package options and clearly defined expectations on both sides, allow you to offer services for all budgets. These changes in the industry allow us to get creative and offer services to a new market.

We love the wedding business because we help play a part in a moment and memory that lasts forever for a couple.



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