Why Pop Up Weddings are Cool

A Pop Up wedding is just plain fun!

 It can be just the two of you or up to ten people. A true Pop Up wedding is literally just that, you pop up somewhere and get married.

This is a modern approach to an elopement, it is much more spontaneous.

You choose a predetermined area and do a ceremony in front of whomever is there. The fun and adventure of this is that you never quite know what will happen, especially if it is in a city or populated area. The crowd around you might get involved, take pictures, clap or sing. I have seen all those things happen. it’s very exciting to be strolling down the street or a beach, just stop and get married.

I recommend working with a company like The Wedding Niche that will help you put your Pop Up wedding together. You will need an officiant, photographer, a bouquet and anything else you want to bring along.

A Pop Up wedding is definitely for those of you who love a surprise and you welcome adventures. The photos are fantastic and the money you save on a larger wedding can go towards an incredible honeymoon.

To find out more about Pop Up weddings visit our website at www.theweddingniche.com .

Cheers, Lisa

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